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Our Commitment

Sustainability and responsibility are compulsory elements of the insurance business.
We secure risks and offer financial provision models. The calculations are often based on periods that stretch far into the future. We are committed to providing these services for many years to come. Sustainable business practices and responsible conduct are thus core elements of the insurance business.

For us, sustainability means providing long-term value creation for our customers, partners and shareholders. Similarly, accepting social responsibility and considering ecological aspects are key elements of our concept of responsibility and commitment.

As a member of a globally operating insurance group, we see corporate responsibility as a fundamental building block of our company strategy.

Responsibility towards employees

Our company’s success is based on the competence and motivation of our employees, as well as their willingness to develop. It is the task of company management to create and foster the ideal environment for this.

We also place value on sustainability in our employment strategy. We want to attract top employees and ensure their long-term retention within the company. Closely associated with this is the active management of training opportunities and targeted personnel development activities.

The feeling of solidarity among the employees is strengthened by measures such as sporting activities that, to a great extent, are linked to charitable causes.

Active social commitment

We also believe that corporate responsibility means taking on responsibility for the community in which we live and work. We focus our social responsibility efforts on the areas of education, society and culture.

Educational activities and knowledge promotion are important aspects of our social commitment. We pay particular attention to children and young people from backgrounds in which the educational opportunities are poor.
In the area of social activities we focus on supporting charitable organisations. Protecting life and helping people cope better with life’s everyday challenges are our focus.
Furthermore, we sponsor long-standing cultural institutions steeped in tradition as well as successful and newly established institutions that make an important and well-regarded contribution to our country.

Learn more about our ongoing social, educational and cultural projects.