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Careers in Sales

At ERGO, there are multiple ways in which you can shape your career. If you have a passion for sales, then there are many paths open to you in the company or as an entrepreneur.

One thing that applies to all positions in sales is that we ensure that you are ideally qualified. This is the only way that we can contribute to a secure future for our customers through our insurance and provisions products.

Insurance Expert in one of our partner banks

As an insurance expert, you will be an employee of ERGO. You will look after our customers in one of our partner banks in your region. In the process, you will draw on a large and expandable potential customer base and enjoy the benefit of fixed remuneration with profit-based commissions.

Field Sales Representative

Security and success are not contradictory terms. As an ERGO Field Sales Representative, you will represent ERGO to the customer. You will work independently and regionally. You value a work environment with colleagues and co-workes who support you in your duties and appreciate being able to plan on a secure salary and attractive employee benefits. You will work from one of our ERGO regional offices and look after our customers on site.

Those who render outstanding services can earn an outstanding salary!

Your previous career path is not relevant for us because we will carefully prepare you for your new occupation!

If you would like to become a part of our successful team, then please contact us.

Independent Agent

Have you always wanted to form and run your own company? Can you envision a career safeguarding every life situation of your customers, and are you happy to bear social responsibility? Are you open and outgoing?

Working independently with ERGO means having a strong partner at your side.

As an Independent Agent, you will establish your own agency with the support of ERGO. You decide how big your team will be. You will influence the development of your company through your commitment.

Your vocation:

  • Establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships based on partnership
  • Creating customised hedging solutions for the life situations of your customers
  • Independently representing the ERGO brand
  • Social responsibility

The following applies to you:

  • You are a successful and competent insurance professional
  • You are looking for new ideas and challenges and have already considered the idea of the independence
  • You are intimately familiar with entrepreneurial thinking
  • You have a confident personality with a vital instinctive feel for people and situations

Your prospects:

  • ERGO will stand by your side during this development and support you with expertise in your individual market presence.
  • A fair and transparent compensation system awaits you.
  • Our agency system ensures unique competitive advantages for you.

In addition, you will have access to the entire ERGO Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft infrastructure (access to the VIVAS customer portfolio management

  • programme, on-time stock enquiries, use of online calculation options, and much more).

If you are an insurance professional searching for new ideas and challenges and have already considered the idea of independence, then we are the right place for you.

If you need more information or have decided to become an agent for ERGO, please get in touch with our point of contact.