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ERGO worldwide

An international giant with a financially strong owner

Based in Düsseldorf, the ERGO Group is represented in more than 30 different countries worldwide. Its target markets are Europe and Asia. With a premium income of over 18 billion euros, ERGO is one of Europe's major insurance groups. ERGO is also Europe's number one insurer in the areas of health and legal expenses insurance. In its home market of Germany, ERGO is one of the market leaders in all segments. Roughly 48,000 people work for the Group either as employees or as full-time self-employed agents.

ERGO is pursuing a sustainable growth strategy that builds on the Group's main strengths: its extensive cross-segment expertise, the broad range of its sales channels, and its experience in building local partnerships. In Europe, ERGO is exhibiting strong growth, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Alongside this, a focus on selected Asian markets makes up another cornerstone of ERGO's international growth strategy.

Insurance solutions for every customer via every sales channel

ERGO offers a comprehensive spectrum of insurance and provision packages as well as services. Millions of customers have put their trust in the expertise and reliability provided by ERGO and its experts in the various business segments. ERGO offers them integrated insurance and service concepts tailored to their specific needs.

ERGO offers its customers contact methods and options for concluding contracts via all of its sales channels. Almost 22,000 full-time self-employed agents, employees in direct sales, insurance brokers and reliable cooperation partners in Germany and abroad are on hand to respond to customers. Working together with the major European bank UniCredit Group means that ERGO has access to an extensive sales network throughout Germany as well as Central and Eastern Europe.

ERGO is a Munich Re Group company

ERGO is a subsidiary of Munich Re. The Group is one of the world's leading reinsurers and risk carriers. Under the umbrella of Munich Re, primary and reinsurance companies are able to work together to exploit possibilities together and create value from risks. The Group's investments of around 214 billion euros are managed primarily by the joint asset manager and fund provider, MEAG.